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Amazon Is Horrifically Selling QAnon Halloween Kids’ Costumes

Not only is it very weird, it's also, frankly, a lame costume idea.

On Monday, October 19, Newsweek reported a disturbing finding: Amazon, the largest online marketplace, has vendors selling Halloween costumes for children that are QAnon-themed. QAnon, for those who have been living under a rock I’d very much also like to live under, is a baseless, far-right conspiracy theory that suggests that an elite, international cabal of pedophiles is taking over the world, that Democrats are behind that ring, and that President Trump is secretly attempting to stop those pedophiles, never mind the fact that he had a well-documented friendship with a very famous one who recently committed suicide in prison.

The costumes are not Amazon-branded — they appear to be sold by different companies that might just be trying to win big on keyword searches — but are still marketed for children and, ostensibly for Halloween, nonetheless. 

It’s hard to tell how legit the companies are that are selling the costumes — one Twitter user discovered them on Sunday, October 18, writing, “Halloween ideas? How about wrapping your child in a cloak of paranoia, fear, and dissociative disorders?” and went semi-viral, suggesting that until now, the costumes basically flew under the radar. There are also, unlike other Amazon products, no reviews on the costumes themselves, suggesting that very few people have purchased the items or, if they have, they haven’t reviewed them yet or received them in time to review them by the time of publication of this article. 

And then there’s the fact that most of the costumes, if ordered today, still wouldn’t arrive before Halloween. While some — like the Kids Cape Cloak with Hood QAnon are You Paying Attention Unisex Christmas Halloween Witch Party Hooded Cloak Costume — ship within 4 to 5 days, most wouldn’t arrive until mid-November to early December.

The most likely explanation is that the company selling these Halloween costumes is making them to order, so there isn’t a huge stock of QAnon themed Halloween costumes (?) but rather if someone wanted to order them for their kid (which, again, ?) the company would screenprint the product then ship it to the customer. 

But of course, one has to wonder what a QAnon costume really is. Is there a Q mascot? Is there a fable of Q where, on Halloween night, the Q mascot goes from house to house stealing candy? The costume is not only weird and sort of dangerous to put on a kid, but also boring. It’s not fun, it’s not a superhero, and all it does is signal to other parents that you’re probably bat**** crazy. And then there’s the truly depressing, like the baby onesie that is a combination of the Don’t Tread On Me symbol, an American flag, and a Q for QAnon.

Leave the babies out of the conspiracy theories, people.