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Amazon Is Having a Big One-Day Sale on K’NEX Building Sets

Not only that, they're throwing some Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys in as well.

Spoiler alert:  There are other excellent building toys out there beyond LEGO. Like Magna -Tiles. And IKOS. And lets not about the OG Lincoln Logs or, one of the most popular, K’NEX. Using plastic rods, gears, and blocks, kids can build everything from cars and blasters to giant rollercoasters. They’re a blast to build and are a good way to inspire creativity and teach those STEM skills. They’re also on sale big time today on Amazon in case you want to knock a few of those Christmas gifts off the list early. It’s a one-day sale, and they’re slashing up to 40-percent-off more than 15 different kits, including the newer line for pre-schoolers Kids K’NEX. Here are a couple of choice deals:

K’NEX Thrill Rides Electric Inferno Roller Coaster

This working roller coaster for kids ages 9 to 14 includes 639 pieces, stands over 2.5 feet tall and comes with 14-feet of track. It also includes a motorized chain lift to click, click, click, get that coaster to the top of the hill. Normally $44, it’s on sale today for $28.

K’NEX Mighty Makers Director’s Cut Building Set

For the future director in the family, this 308-piece Might Maker’s set is designed to teach kids about movie making. It includes a theater and stage (among three filmmaking sets) and an attachment for your smartphone to make recording easier. Better still, it’s only $15.

K-FORCE Barracuda Rotoshot Blaster

Like a NERF blaster, but you get to actually build and customize it yourself. The pump action K-FORCE Barracuda comes with 128 pieces including a rotating chamber that fires five foam darts in quick succession. It’s 30 percent off and selling for $28.

Bonus: If you were raised before 1992, you didn’t play with K’NEX — they weren’t around yet. More likely, you were building with Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys. Well, guess what? K’NEX own them now too, and they’re also on sale. You can pick up the Centennial Edition Tin of Lincoln Logs (153 pieces) for 40 percent off or a 200-piece Tinkertoy Super Set for $26, almost 50-percent off.

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