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Amazon is Bringing Back Clifford the Big Red Dog

The Big Red Dog is coming back to PBS KIDS at the end of next year as well.

Youtube Scholastic

After recently announcing that they would be making new episodes of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Amazon announced that an updated reboot of Clifford the Big Red Dog will be available in the Fall of 2019. Like the original show and series of books, it will follow Clifford and his owner Emily Elizabeth as they learn explore the larger world around them.

Produced by Scholastic Entertainment, the company that initially released the Clifford books, the show will air on Amazon Prime Video as well as PBS KIDS. Unlike The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle reboot, which will actively use the same animation style as its predecessor, the new Clifford series has a rebooted style of animation.

This isn’t Clifford’s first trip to the small screen. The original television version of Clifford the Big Red Dog aired on PBS KIDS back in 2000. The books, of course, are much older. The initial entry into the best selling series written and illustrated Norman Birdwell was first published back in 1963. Since then, the books have sold well more than 100 million copies and have also been published in 16 languages.

That spirit of internationalism won’t be lost with the development of a rebooted show. According to ABC News, Scholastic Entertainment will also be developing a global program for publishing, broadcast, merchandise, and licensing that will help them to keep taking the story of Clifford into as many houses as possible.