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New Samuel L. Jackson Alexa Voice Will Tell Your “Younglings” To Go To Bed

It's Mace Windu to the rescue.


The next frontier in smart speakers might just be celebrity voices, and Amazon just scored a big one for its Alexa digital assistant: Samuel L. Jackson.

That’s right, you can now ask questions of the constantly Kangol-clad star using your Amazon Alexa-equipped device. And beyond the joy of having a speaker yell at you, there are some clever nods to Jackson’s illustrious career.

Our favorite happens when you ask your Alexa to have Sam tell your kids to go to bed. No, he doesn’t say “Go the fuck to sleep” — though that would be awesome. Instead, Jackson will tell your kid “Be a good youngling and go to bed.”

“Youngling,” of course, is the term for Jedis in training. Mace Windu, Jackson’s character in the Star Wars prequels, began his Jedi career as a youngling in the Jedi Order, and as a Jedi Master, he helped to educate them. So when you make this specific request, your Amazon Echo is essentially cosplaying as Mace Windu to scold your Midichlorian-free kids.

If you’re ready to add this delightful skill to your life — and if you have an Amazon Echo, why the hell wouldn’t you be? — you can either ask your Alexa to introduce you to Samuel L. Jackson or download it directly on Amazon. It’s just 99 cents for a limited time, and you can even choose a clean or explicit version of Jackson as your digital assistant.

One important caveat: Jackson’s voice won’t replace your Alexa’s full-time, it will just come out when you ask Alexa to ask Sam or Sam Jackson or Samuel L. Jackson to do something. We’d recommend having Alexa ask Sam to pull your finger — it’s worth every penny of your 99 cents.