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People Are Already Placing Bets On the Name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Baby

The only high odds here are that you'll probably guess wrong.


It hasn’t even been 24-hours since Meghan Markle announced that she and Prince Harry were expecting their very first child together, and the rumor mill is already working overtime. More than a few internet denizens are trying to drum up a taboo, questioning whether the baby was conceived before or after her marriage to Harry (based on the fact that the baby is due in the spring, it’s pretty clearly the latter). At the same time, loads more have already begun hilariously placing bets on the unborn baby’s name.

The wild part is that people aren’t just taking a stab at prospective names. Folks are even trying to guess the baby’s gender and hour of birth as well. Given the pomp and circumstance that follows the royal family everywhere, royal babies don’t ever end up with the particularly creative names. Way more often, they’re simply named after an ancestor. So while there may never be a Prince Carlos, the next royal baby may well be the about the dozenth Prince Albert.

Still, fortune periodically favors the bold, and Ladbrokes Coral Group, a UK-based betting, and gambling company is saying that the odds of the baby being named after a popular political figure are about 100/1. If you really want to push your luck, there are 500/1 odd that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will name their first child Brexit. What’s weird is the consistency with which people suggest this. Before the birth of their most recent son Louis, about eight people hilariously signed a petition to get Kate Middleton and Prince William to name the child Brexit as well. Then there was even the slightly obsessed German couple that actually went through with it.

Still, one must remain open to the possibility that even the most popular name in the betting pool could be a long shot. When Prince Louis was born earlier this year, the odds were only 33/1 that he’d get his name. As of right now, the odds are 8/1 that Megan and Harry’s first child will be named Victoria and 10/1 that they’re named Phillip.