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Almost One in Four Kids in America Have An Immigrant Parent

For 20 million children in the United States, either mom or dad was born in a different country.

Getty Images

A new survey finds that 23 percent of kids living in the United States have at least one parent who was born in another country. That’s 20 million children with an immigrant parent. And while 89 percent of those kids were born here and are U.S. citizens, more than half of them live in just four states: California (23 percent), Texas (13 percent), New York (8 percent) and Florida (8 percent).

The survey, which was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, once again sheds light on just how much immigrants are a part of the American fabric. And why immigration remains such a controversial political and social topic that divides Americans. The bigger point, though, involves current immigration policy ⏤ that’s a lot of kids whose lives could be affected by President Donald Trump staunchly anti-immigrated policies.

During his time in office, Trump has made a concerted effort to increase the government’s focus on cracking down on illegal immigration. ICE has seen a significant uptick in arrests and deportations of illegal immigrants over the last 16 months, though many have criticized the agency for specifically targeting families by separating children and parents. With nearly one-fourth of all children having at least one immigrant parent, it is hard to imagine that immigration becoming any less relevant for the American public.