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Alec Baldwin Could Have Avoided This Dad Mistake on Instagram

He might be kidding, but there's another way to do this.


Should dads get on Instagram and in order to protect their daughters from unwanted attention? The answer is probably a resounding “yes” if the kid is a 14-year-old, but 100 percent a “no” if your daughter is a 22 year-old-grown-woman. However, Alec Baldwin seems to have violated the dad code on Instagram recently by publicly shamming his daughter Ireland over a photograph. Unless of course, he’s kidding around.

On Sunday, Ireland Basinger Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s daughter Instagrammed a photo of herself in a bathing suit on top of a motorcycle.  Father Baldwin responded in the comments with “No…Just…No.”

To be fair, it’s possible that the elder Baldwin was just kidding around, after all, it’s not unheard of for famous dads to make slightly incomprehensible jokes about their kids on social media. Just ask Mark Hamill’s daughter, Chelsea. 

But, even if we give Alec Baldwin the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s joking, there’s still a problem: tons of other people on social media will assume he’s being serious, and jump to the conclusion that he’s shaming his grown-up daughter on Instagram for no reason. In fact, some people have done exactly that in the comments.

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One commenter, in fact, summed up perfectly the problematic nature of what Alec Baldwin is doing. A user named keynette_tish wrote:

I am also a parent of a young adult who is somewhat provocative online. So I get it. Yet she is an adult. And while we might be able to see the potential provocativeness of their online behavior as a risk, we have to be able, I believe, as parents to find a middle ground with discussing this with them. Take care.

The middle ground this commenter is referring to might simply be this: talk to them about it, but not in a public forum where everyone can see. This might be even more important if you are joking around. After all, if Alec Baldwin is only teasing, the intended recipient of that joke is one person, not the entire internet, meaning, the entire internet doesn’t need to know about it.