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Alec Baldwin Says #MeToo Is Looking For Fuel For the Fire. Is He Wrong?

In a new interview, the actor holds very little back.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live' (NBC)

Alec Baldwin isn’t known for being subtle. Next week, the 60-year-old actor will return to TV with new episodes of his talk show, The Alec Baldwin Show. What will he be discussing on his show? If his latest big interview is any indication, it won’t be topics everyone is comfortable with. In fact, it might be topics no one is comfortable with.

In a new profile published by the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, Baldwin spoke out about a lot of issues, but the most eyebrow-raising statements were connected to the #MeToo movement. Baldwin seems to think baseless accusations against people like him could start happening very soon. And he’s worried.

“It’s not a witch hunt because a witch hunt indicates that there is very little truth, if none at all, and there is a lot of truth here,” he said. “But what worries me is that this is a fire that needs constant kindling.” He then goes on to describe an incident where a co-star called him to inform him that some people were claiming he acted inappropriately toward her when she was a minor. According to Baldwin, and the person in question, nothing like that happened ever, but in his view, false accusations could crop up at any time.

The irony, of course, is that this sentiment is oddly close to what Donald Trump said about it “being a scary time for boys.” Baldwin loathes Trump and has become well-known for playing a satirical version of the President on Saturday Night Live. In the profile, Baldwin says people approach him on the street all the time to tell him how much they love the impression.

As far as #MeToo goes, Baldwin seems to be an ally, but afraid at the same time, saying: “You don’t stand much of a chance of getting where you want to be if you’re going to arbitrarily alienate and excoriate innocent men.” Notably, Baldwin has continued to stick-up for Woody Allen, even though the allegations against Allen are not strictly connected to the #MeToo movement since the Dylan Farrow open-letter happened in 2014. Even so, Baldwin seems to be of two minds on the issue, partially out of possible self-preservation. But what is he worried about?

In other words, who’s side is Alec Baldwin really on? Clearly, right now, he’s firmly on his own side. Whether his new talk show ends up delving into these issues remains to be seen. But if Baldwin is talking about this stuff now, it seems likely he’ll continue to do so in prime time.

The Alec Baldwin Show returns on October 14 on ABC