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Parents Sue School After Their Son Was Beaten By Football Team

14-year-old Rodney Kim Jr. was beaten by his teammates in a hazing incident. His parents want somebody held responsible.

The parents of an Alabama high school student who was brutally beaten as a part of his football team’s hazing ritual have filed a lawsuit against the Mobile County Board of Education. The couple, who doesn’t believe the school board has done enough to get to the bottom of the incident, is seeking $12 million in compensation for the pain and suffering their 14-year-old son, Rodney Kim Jr., endured as a result of the beating.

Last week, a video surfaced online that showed Kim Jr. being ruthlessly attacked by several other students in the Davidson High locker room following a spring practice session. According to Deadspin, Kim Jr. needed surgery on his broken arm. His parents announced soon after the incident that they were withdrawing their son from the school.

“My son did not deserve this,” said Rodney Kim Sr. at a news conference. “And everyone is dragging their feet. It’s going on too long … and that’s why we’re moving forward with the lawsuit.”

The school has reportedly suspended four students for their participation in the beating, according to Fox10, and three of the four are in police custody. But the school has not fired any coaches, insisting that it was a coach who broke up the fight shortly after hearing the incident occurring from his office.

Rodney’s mother added, “I don’t understand why it’s taking the Mobile Police Department so long to make these arrests. I feel like you guys (MPD) are pushing this under the rug. We aren’t going anywhere, we’re gonna be here. We’re going to keep fighting, not only for our son, but for your sons and our son’s son in the future. This barbaric behavior has to stop, it’s going to stop, today.”

According to, the Kims have made four demands from the school board in addition to the lawsuit:

1. For Davidson to forfeit all football games from the 2018 season.
2. For each of the school’s football coaches to be fired.
3. For all 20 football players involved in the beating to be charged.
4. For hazing to be banned in all high schools across the nation.

The likelihood of all of those demands being met are slim. That said, they at least demonstrate that these parents will not sit silently by after their son was beaten in the name of team unity. Hopefully, those responsible will be held accountable and actions taken to ensure something like this does not happen again.