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Airline Introduces Quiet Zones For Travelers Who’d Don’t Want To Hear Your Kid

By now you’ve been parenting long enough to know that the quickest way to get people to hate you is by bringing your kid on an airplane. Samuel L. Jackson has already proved that you’d be a more popular passenger if you brought snakes instead. But moms and dads these days don’t always have 40 plus hours to spend on a cross-country road trip to Disneyland, leaving you with a choice between staying home and letting haters hate. But now some airlines are offering the option of kid-free zones, so people can pay extra to hate you in peace.

Last week, the budget Indian airline IndiGo, announced that their flights will now feature “Quiet Zones” mostly marketed to business travelers. These zones are designated areas, from which children under the age of 12 are banned. Adding insult to injury, what the Quiet Zones lack in kids they make up for in extra legroom. While some people have called this practice discriminatory, other consumers say they’d gladly pay extra to get kids kicked off the flight completely. It’s quite possibly the only thing babies and Alec Baldwin have in common.

Fortunately it hasn’t come to that (yet), and U.S. airlines don’t seem to be following suit with kid-free zones. The closest incident was in June when JetBlue did a one-off promotion that provided passengers 25 percent off a ticket for every baby that cried. Five babies cried and they had to award every passenger on board with a free ticket, including the parents. Hopefully IndiGo’s more profitable approach wont catch on, and you can keep flying the already unfriendly enough skies.

[H/T] The Telegraph