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Air New Zealand’s New Skycouch Will Come With Infant-Friendly Features

The new features seem pretty cozy. But all good things come at a cost.

Air New Zealand

One doesn’t have to be a parent to know that traveling with infants and small children can be an enormous undertaking. The cramped space, the crying, and constantly wondering how much all the other passengers hate you is just not fun for any parent. Air New Zealand’s Skycouch, a row of three economy seats that folds down into a flat sleeping surface, has now been outfitted for a handful of infant-friendly features for families taking long flights.

Air New Zealand’s Skycouch has been an available feature for nearly a decade to give passengers and families a bit more comfort on those 10 plus hour flights to Auckland. Now, per Romper, the updated Skycouch, which can hold up to two children laying down side by side, will feature an infant harness and belts. These will allow infants and children to safely lie down during takeoff and landing. Meaning: if your kids have conked out in the airport, they can be put down as soon as they get into the plane and stay safe. There’s also  a new infant pod, which a allows babies to lay down besides their parents.

Air New Zealand

Though there’s no official date for implementation, the wait shouldn’t be long. Per Romper, Air New Zealand is just waiting on a handful of approvals for the new design. How affordable is the new Skycouch going to be? No one seems to know yet. Adding a Skycouch to your existing ticket already costs an extra $300 to $800, so it’s likely that the new updated will still be out of reach of most parents. However, since infants and toddlers typically fly for free on the airline, a parent could choose to put that money towards a Skycouch to give themselves peace of mind while in the air.