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Here’s The Latest Research On What Junk Food Advertising Does To Your Kid

This week in social science research that seems to prove stuff that you already knew: Researchers at the University Of Liverpool’s Institute Of Psychology, Health, and Society compiled data from 22 separate studies that looked at the impact of junk food advertising on food consumption and “discovered” that the stuff really works.

The researchers determined that it doesn’t matter what format the advertising takes — TV, online, even the back of the cereal boxes that contain the crap they’re already eating — the more they see, the more they eat. “Advertising doesn’t just affect brand preference, it drives consumption,” says the study’s lead author. “Given that almost all children in Westernized societies are exposed to large amounts of unhealthy food advertising on a daily basis, this is a real concern.”

Fortunately, you can take some comfort knowing that public health policy experts are already all over these findings and working to … oh, wait. That’s in Britain. Looks like it’s on you to shield your kid from all the crap that makes them want to eat crap, so maybe maybe bring one of those airplane sleep masks next time you’re grocery shopping.

Medical Press