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Viral Thread of Adult Problems No One Anticipated Is Too Real

Chores, money, and our own parents cause a lot of problems.

Parents often want to give their kids all the tools they need to live a successful and happy life. While “successful” will look different to everyone, some key skills and situations can help navigate some of life’s common problems. But there are always going to be struggles, and parents can’t prep their kids for every challenge. And that was made painfully accurate by a Reddit thread that had adults sharing the problems they were not prepared for. And it’s very real – and very relatable.

A Reddit thread in r/AskReddit is full of examples of adult problems after user u/cracksandcrevices asked: “What is an adult problem that nobody prepared you for?” Redditors took to the comment section in droves and shared a mix of answers. Some are hilarious, while others are more serious.

“Vegetables die too soon in the fridge,” is something 2facedSquid wasn’t prepared for. Which fits pretty well into GreaseGeek‘s problem they weren’t prepared for in “deciding what’s for dinner EVERY NIGHT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!” Kids probably want nothing more than to choose their own menu nightly — but as an adult, it’s a drag that gets harder to think about every day.

discostud1515 wrote, “you telling me I gotta make food everyday!” as their shocking adult realization. Adding, “Often multiple times a day just to stay alive?!?” It was a far simpler time when our parents would bring us food. We didn’t have to think about paying for the food, shopping, or preparing the meal beforehand.

For Runbunnierun, they weren’t prepared for the chore that never ends. “All the laundry,” they said. “Good grief, does it pile up.”

Money and finances were other popular points that people didn’t anticipate. ” The realization that $1000 is not a lot of money to have, but it is a lot of money to owe someone,” OverlordBrandon shared in the thread. This is pretty similar to MagicSPA‘s answer, “Controlling your finances. Everything I have learned about budgeting, debt recovery, pensions, saving, and wise purchases I have had to learn for myself.”

All that ties into Elenifan‘s truth when they weren’t prepared for a job and not a career. “The existential horror of being in a dead-end job with a horrible boss but can’t afford to quit because you’ll starve.”

There were some more serious answers to the thread as well. And while these aren’t the rosiest or hilarious things to think about, they are very real.

ccomplished_Bus_187 came to realize that adult is really an illusion. “The disillusion that comes with realizing your parents had no actual clue what they were doing 86% of the time while raising you,” they shared.

While for mkg1995, they never really gave much thought to the reality that no one lives forever. “The inevitably of your parents dying,” they wrote. Adding, “My dad just passed away, and I’m 25.. no one could have prepared me, I guess.”

We can learn a lot from this comment section, and Novakano‘s insight isn’t too late for us to implement into our own lives. Their advice: “The realization that you should’ve enjoyed being young to the fullest instead of trying to be an adult all the time.”

In total, the thread has over 22,000 comments, and they all vary from hilarious observations to serious moments we have to prepare ourselves to face one day. While it can be scary and overwhelming to read through them, sometimes knowing what to prepare for can be better in the long run. But it may be a bad bedtime read for the teenagers among us.