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Adorable Zombie Halloween Photos Show Undead Daughter Eating Dad’s Intestines

These are scary good.

Tifflynn Photography

Most parents who stage photoshoots are trying to document what their kids look like at that age before time turns them into adults, who are objectively less cute. Tiffany Renfroe isn’t most parents.

Renfroe, a nurse and professional photographer, decided to indulge her husband’s love of horror movies by staging a zombie- and Michael Myers-themed photoshoot featuring him and their youngest daughter Oakley that she posted to Facebook. It is, in a word, delightful.

Oakley, dressed as a zombie, approaches her father, who is slumped against a shed in the middle of the woods with his intestines hanging out of his body. Spoiler alert: she gnaws on them before playing with a severed hand.

Tifflyn Photography

After a costume change, Renfroe’s husband, now dressed as Michael Myers, approaches Oakley. Wielding a large knife, he picks her up and starts walking away, something that would be pretty damn scary in a Halloween movie.

Tifflynn Photography

Renfroe made the props herself, and all of them are edible, which is damn impressive on its own. She also clarified that the creepy eye colors throughout were Photoshopped—because who could put contacts on an 11-month-old?—and that her other kids, Kaiden and Gib, helped behind the scenes.

She also said that her kids are used to the mask and dressing up, and thus weren’t freaked out seeing their father slumped over with his guts bulging out.

Normally father-daughter pictures aren’t all that interesting to non-friends and family members, but the Renfroes’ clever idea and impressive execution have attracted over 85,000 reactions and 158,000 shares.

Here’s hoping they make it a tradition and can produce even more demented photos for Halloween 2020.