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Adam Sandler’s Tribute to Chris Farley Will Break Your Heart

The 'SNL' star died 21 years ago.

Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of Chris Farley’s death. Farley, who was one of the most famous comedians of his generation for his physical comedy stylings, died way too soon. His performances as motivational speaker Matt Foley and wannabe Chippendales dancer on Saturday Night Live are iconic. On the anniversary of his death, celebrities who knew him paid tribute to him on social media, including Stephen Colbert and David Spade. Adam Sandler took it to the next level by memorializing Farley in a 6-minute song in a video excerpted from his Netflix special Adam Sandler 100% Fresh.

In what’s supposed to be Sandler’s return to stand-up comedy, Sandler dropped the jokes for a few moments to remember his friend and fellow SNL castmember. Accompanied by a video slideshow, Sandler played guitar and sang a ballad about Farley. He said that Farley was the funniest man he ever knew. He reminisced about partying with him and watching Farley mess with how Spade. The audience did laugh at some of Sandler’s more colorful descriptions of Farley and especially when Sandler mentioned wishing Farley was still around for Grown Ups 3.

It just wasn’t about their good times, though. Sandler brought little details of Farley’s life to the stage, making it a more poignant tribute. Apparently, Farley would always show up to Catholic mass no matter how hungover he was. He sang about warning Farley to “slow down” on the partying or he’d end up like fellow deceased comedians John Belushi and John Candy. The Wedding Singer actor even mentioned the last time he saw Farley and how he attended his funeral months later.

It’s difficult to not tear up while watching Sandler’s touching tribute.