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Adam Sandler Convinced Adam Levine to Perform at His Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah

The Maroon 5 singer even brought along one of his bandmates.

For most dads, picking the entertainment for your daughter’s bat mitzvah involves hiring a local DJ who doesn’t cost too much. But when you’re Adam Sandler, it involves calling up one of the biggest rock stars in the world. On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Sandler explained how he convinced Adam Levine to come to his daughter Sadie’s bat mitzvah.

“I start texting Adam Levine, who’s a great guy,” Sandler said. “I text him, ‘I’m sorry to do this to you, but my kid’s getting bat mitzvah’d Saturday night. Would you mind coming and singing a few tunes? It would be incredible.’”

Despite only being given a few day’s notice and presumably no pay, Levine agreed to perform at Sadie’s coming-of-age ceremony and to put the proverbial cherry on top, he even brought along Maroon 5 lead guitarist James Valentine. He even asked Sandler what songs they should perform and they ended up playing three songs. Unsurprisingly, having the Super Bowl half-time performer play at her bat mitzvah blew Sadie’s mind and Sandler showed a picture of her looking ecstatic as she’s about to get a hug from Levine.

“It was a perfect night,” Sandler said. “Thanks, Adam, I love you.”

Sandler revealed that Levine was not the only celebrity invited to the bat mitzvah, as Jennifer Anniston, who joined Sandler for the interview, was invited as well. Sadly, she couldn’t make it but Sandler said that she sent a gift that Sadie absolutely loved. We imagine it’s probably hard to be too disappointed when your bat mitzvah guest list looks like the guest list for a VIP Oscars party.