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Aaron Paul Dressed His Daughter in a Mini Hazmat Suit and Won Comic-Con

Aaron Paul's daughter just won the whole convention.


Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul has learned a lot of lessons about being a father to his daughter. First, he learned how to act during her birth, and now he’s cracked the code for how to win a thousand points for being adorable. Last night, the actor took his daughter to a Breaking Bad reunion panel at San Diego Comic-Con and, in a play that melted every heart in the room, had her dressed in a mini hazmat suit.

The actor attended the Comic-Con panel with co-star Bryan Cranston and show creator Vince Gilligan to celebrate Breaking Bad’s 10-year anniversary and tease an eventual appearance with Cranston on the spin-off show Better Call Saul.


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At the panel, Paul had his adorable five-month-old daughter Story dressed in a tiny yellow hazmat suit and face mask that matched the one his character Jesse Pinkman wore in the hit AMC show. While Paul’s character wore the suit to help protect his skin and lungs from the chemical run-off of the meth he cooked throughout the show, his daughter wore the suit to maximize cuteness and hilarity. And she totally nailed it. In fact, we think she did a better job of rocking the iconic hazmat suit than her dad.