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A1 Has the Best New Product Ever: ‘Meat Scent’ Candles

We have entered into a brave new world of obscure home fragrances.


Aas if the list of things that you didn’t know you wanted needed to be any longer, A1 Steak Sauce has released a series of meat-scented candles. The makers of that great brownish red stuff you want to lick off your fingers are now selling three candle varieties: Original Meat, Backyard BBQ, and Classic Burger. The new product arrives — not coincidentally, one might conclude — as Father’s Day looms. Is this something you want? It might not be the first choice, but it’s not a bad idea. A house that smells like seared meat is, as they say (not really), a home.

“We know our saucy tang resonates with dad,” read A1’s breathless product announcement. “So bring it home to him in a different way. A candle that will LIGHT the way to his heart. Isn’t that original?”

For starters the term ‘saucy tang,’ is perfect, and “LIGHT the way,” is really just the right hook in a one-two-pun-punch. The site also told viewers to “grab [a candle] it while it’s hot,” fearing that their meat scents would just prove too popular to be around long.

If there was ever a question about whether a demographic for meat-scented candles even existed, guess what, it does. All of the candles, in every scent, are currently sold out, but A1 is looking to refill their stock soon. Still, the meat-scents may not be back in time for father’s day. You can still buy a couple of them on eBay, but watch out, the prices will likely rise from the originally $14.99 until A1 can start shipping them out again.