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Where Does A Toy Boat Launched In South Carolina Land 9 Months Later? Ask These 4th Graders

Toy boats are an essential part of childhood, but unlike whatever your kid is sinking in the bathtub, a group of 4th graders in South Carolina stuck a GPS on theirs and sent it out in the Atlantic Ocean. Last month it made landfall … in Wales.

The kids, students at St. Andrew’s School For Math And Science, were doing a unit about oceans, currents, and satellite mapping and had the boat built to withstand conditions on the open ocean. They set the thing loose (no word on whether or not they broke a bottle of sparkling cider across the bow first) and tracked it on a winding path through the Atlantic. Then, 9 months later, it went dark off the coast of Ireland.

Industrious kids that they were, the students notified harbormasters throughout Ireland and the U.K. That turned into local news stories about those adorable Yankee kids, and that’s how a Welsh lady who found the boat with her daughter knew to make contact with St. Andrews.

The boat was pretty battered — no more deck, no more sail, no more GPS — but the story has a happy ending: the Welsh lady says her daughter’s school is going to refurbish the boat and try to sail it back from whence it came. If you live on the East Coast, keep an eye out.

[H/T] Mental Floss