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Watch A-Rod Face Off Against 22-Month-Old Hitting Phenom Asher Willig

This kid is incredible.

It’s hard to imagine Alex Rodriguez losing a hitting contest to anyone, especially not to a 22-month-old boy. But that’s exactly what happened when Rodriguez and Jimmy Fallon challenged the young  Asher Willig and his dad.

Despite being not even 2-years-old, Willig can hit the ball with more ease than most adults. People started taking notice of his rare talent after videos of him hitting the baseball around with his father went viral. During the soft-toss hitting contest between Willig and Rodriguez on The Tonight Show, the toddler managed to hit nine balls while Rodriguez only hit 8.

A-Rod Has Hitting Contest with 22-Month-Old Baseball Prodigy

Alex Rodriguez faces off against 22-month-old baseball prodigy Asher Willig in a soft-toss hitting contest.

Posted by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Asher’s hand-eye coordination is beyond exceptional for a toddler his age, and his gift for the game could have something to do with his father having previously worked as a minor league baseball player. Now, while Rodriguez did lose, it’s to point out that the former pro was hitting left-handed, and using a children’s bat. Nonetheless, with a talent like Willig’s other pro’s will be shaking in their cleats soon.