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A New Pokémon Is Coming to Build-a-Bear and Obviously Your Kid Is Going to Want It

Better hurry, these may go fast.

If there was only one brilliant thing about the Pokémon franchise it would be that, for fans, there’s really never anything to grow out of. Now, build-a-bear just announced the arrival of a never before seen Alolan Vulpix bear on September 13th. While it’s a perfect gift for your Pokemon obsessed child, it definitely looks cool enough that you might find yourself wanting one too.

The new bear is part of Build-a-Bear’s ongoing Pokémon series. Each of them is pretty neat in their own right, but the new Vulpix bear is the first one that isn’t totally based off one of the more traditional Pokémon (Pikachu, Eevee, Jigglypuff, etc). The Alolan Vulpix is actually an ice-themed offshoot of a regular fire-type Vulpix. Still, for those nostalgic for the days when there were way fewer Pokémon to choose from, Vulpix is actually one of the original 150. Honestly, one might not even need to know it was a Pokemon to still want it. Those who are just fans of strange looking fantasy animals, think of the Alolan Vulpix as a sort of ice-dog-squirrel with endearingly soulless eyes.   

Still, just like the rest of the series, the Vulpix comes with its own collectible trading card. What’s also pretty great is that the Alolan Vulpix is a bit cheaper than some of the other Pokémon bears. With the card included it’ll go for $28. For just $13 more, the Alolan Vulpix comes with a matching cape. But, for those willing to shell out on a bundle, you can get both of those things and a sound chip for the bear for just $60. The only thing is, that the offer is only available to those who are shopping online. Otherwise, the Alolan Vulpix bears should be available at any Build-a-Bear location as well as online. Better be quick though, who knows how fast these will go.