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7-Year-Old-Crushes this Bossa Nova Song In Hilarious Viral Video

“Miumiu Guitargirl” is a rising star.

As people ease into Monday after the long holiday weekend, this video of a 7-year-old girl singing a brilliant cover of the bossa nova song “I Wish You Love” is the perfect salve for the Monday blues. Miumiu, a 7-year-old singer and guitarist from Nanjing, China, has got some serious talent.

Despite her young age, Miumiu’s guitar skills are poised and mature, and her voice brings an unexpected combination of melancholy and childlike wonder to the song. This is to say, Miumiu’s cover is undeniably great. 

And as it turns out, she comes from a musical family, which has no doubt helped her hone her preternatural musical gift. She began learning guitar when she was “3-and-a-half” according to a video from Sixth Tone, from her dad, Zhou Jingwei, who’s a music education teacher. At seven years old, Miumiu can now play the piano, maracas, drums, and bass in addition to her near-mastery of the guitar. That’s a pretty impressive resume for any musician, no less a 7-year-old rising star. 

She shows off her skills on her verified YouTube channel, called Miumiu Guitar Girl, where viewers can see her covers from a wide array of genres from Neil Zaza to John Legend in addition to adorable moments from her life, like visiting a guitar factory and her recent birthday party. She’s certainly brightening up people’s lives all across the internet. If you’re ever in need of a feel-good boost of serotonin in the form of inspired musical covers,  Miumiu has definitely got you covered.   

Check out her cover of “I Wish You Love” below.