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Did Your Company Make This List Of The Healthiest Places To Work?

Some of Greatist’s ” 44 Healthiest Companies To Work For In America” have exactly the kind of names you’d expect — MINDBODY, Whole Foods, Juice Generation — but not every company on the new list has employees who sip kale smoothies wearing rope shoes in towns that used to be affordable. Businesses don’t have to peddle trending veggies or exercises to be healthy, especially when workplaces feature an onsite cafeteria, gym, and or “wellness portal” like some of these, where the employees probably have better blood pressure than you.

By now, you’ve heard all about the daycare, nap pods, and generous meals that make giants like Facebook and Google mainstays of lists like this one or Fatherly’s 50 Best Places To Work For New Dads. But Greatist’s list makes a point of identifying some of the small businesses that innovate around employees’ physical wellbeing, like Hydro Flask in Bend, OR — a 51-person water bottle company that gives employees flexible start times so they can work in company-paid ski sessions as well as hangover recovery naps from their free access to local craft beer. At Camelbak Products LLC — the maker behind every hiker’s favorite water pack — its under 200 employees have access to healthy snack bars, Pilate classes, personal trainers, on-site masseuses, and discounts at other outdoor adventure companies.

Perhaps the most surprising small company on Greatist’s list, however, is Greatist. The 22 employees there get free gym memberships, healthy cooking ingredients, and daily shoulder exercise as they vigorously pat themselves on the back.