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There’s A Balance Bike World Championship And The U.S. Isn’t The Nation To Beat

Facebook / Strider Bikes

When it comes to teaching your kid to ride, it’s really no contest between training wheels and balance bikes, so Strider Bikes decided to start a new one. This past weekend marked the 6th annual Strider Cup World Championship at San Francisco’s Pier 35. The event featured the best, brightest, and tiniest riders hailing exotic places like Japan, Ecuador, Germany, and … Newark. Depending on how competitive you are and how good your kid rides, the following footage might make you feel like Bill Belichick watching game tape (without having to steal it).

The event kicked off on Friday with the opening ceremonies, a riding clinic, and practice races, followed by the real contest on Saturday. Cute competitors were broken up into 5 categories: 2 years old and under, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old, and special needs. According to the company’s Facebook page they will release the official results later this week (in case you care about someone else’s kid winning) but the page also revealed that Japan took first, second, and third place in the 3 year old division, and SF Gate reported that Miku Shiozawa of Japan also won the 2 year old division. Great, another thing to beat Japan at.

“It’s serious racing,” Ryan McFarland, founder and chief executive officer of Strider, told the publication. “But really not quite so serious.” As much as you might want your kid to win this one day it’s mostly a fun way for kids to meet from other parts of the world, and for their parents to bond over how much training wheels suck. Hopefully you can find a balance.

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