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Is Your Kid’s School District On This List of America’s Best?

You know your kid’s school district is good: It’s the reason you abandoned the allure of urban life to live in the middle of nowhere and pay property taxes that make your old rent look sensible. But did you make it to one of the 20 best school districts in the country?

The judges come from, a site that rates and ranks neighborhoods and schools across the country. And if you don’t live in New York or Pennsylvania, the chances of your district making the cut are already unlikely. A whopping 14 of Niche’s top 20 school districts are in those 2 states, and there’s not a ton of diversity from there: The remaining 6 districts are all in California, Illinois, or the other northeastern states of Connecticut and New Hampshire — basically wherever there’s a cluster of one-percenters.

A whopping 14 of Niche’s top 20 school districts are in New York or Pennsylvania.

Districts are graded on academics, health and safety, culture and diversity, teachers, resources and facilities, extracurriculars, and sports and fitness. The list — which was published by The Street with pictures that speak to each district’s real estate as well as by with a little more information — determined its ranking by “using data sourced from various government and public data sets, [Niche’s] own proprietary data, and more than 4 million opinion-based survey responses across a variety of topics from 287,606 current students, recent alumni, and parents.” That’s a lot of student input. Maybe these schools just throw the best pep rallies?

See the full list here.