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The 17 Best Signs From The March for Our Lives

The massive involvement of kids and teenagers definitely set the demonstration apart.


Saturday’s March for Our Lives saw hundreds of thousands of people in roughly 800 cities take to the streets and demonstrate in favor of stricter gun control laws. The student-organized march was triggered by last months Parkland school shooting that resulted in the untimely deaths of 17 people, many of them students. Though such massacres often remain in the national spotlight for only a few weeks, the killings at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School began a national conversation after survivors insisted that the “thought and prayers” of elected officials represented an inadequate response.

Inspired by these students and organized by activists, protesters took to the streets this weekend to express their feelings on the issue of gun control. Many, if not most, brought their own signs. Many of the signs were, well, worth reading. Twice. Here are the funniest and most heartfelt messages from the crowd.

❤️ #marchforourlives #guncontrolnow #blacklivesmatter

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#marchforourlives #thefutureisfemale

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Truth in advertising! #enoughisenough #marchforourlives #neveragain

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One of our favorite signs from yesterday’s #MarchForOurLives #NeverAgain

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Well, if his mom approved the sign…#marchforourlives #nyc

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March for Our Lives – March 25 2018

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