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Meet Fatman: The Middle-Aged, Dadbod-Sporting Superhero Created by an 11-Year-Old

He's the superhero dads need and probably deserve.

An 11-year-old girl has brilliantly reimagined everyone’s favorite self-loathing masked vigilante as “Fatman.” Who is Fatman? According to the drawings, he is a beer-guzzling middle-aged man who loves to show off his dadbod at the beach.

The character was shared on Reddit by the artist’s mom under the user name knittymcknitpants who described the drawings as “everything you never knew you needed in life.” And it definitely has us dreaming of the next Dark Knight Film exploring Batman’s life after he hangs up his cape and stocks his utility belt with beer and Prilosec.

The comments, of course, quickly became a race to see who could make the best Batman-themed dad joke and included pitching new hypothetical Fatman movie titles (The Dark Knight Retires) and speculation about who could play the hero on the big screen (“if Val Kilmer played Batman today”). A few commenters just couldn’t wrap their minds around the idea that an 11-year-old could create something this awesome and began accusing the mom of actually making the character and giving credit to her daughter. But, knittymcknitpants proved once and for all her daughter is the true mind behind Fatman when she posted a YouTube video of her daughter drawing Fatman on her iPad.

Why have these drawings become so popular? Besides the obvious fact that they’re hilarious and extremely well done, they also seem to represent a more grounded and relatable superhero. Today’s Batman may have toned arms and washboard abs, but Fatman feels like a throwback to the superheroes of old. The guys who didn’t have perfect bodies to match their perfect smile. Fatman is for the Adam Wests and Christopher Reeves of the world, who aren’t afraid to wear skintight suits despite their slightly frumpy bodies. So here’s to you, Fatman. May you continue to fight for truth, justice, and an ice cold beer after a hard day of work. He may not be the superhero dads want, but he’s sure as hell the superhero they deserve.