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The Most Surprising 6 Figure Jobs You Didn’t Realize You Wanted Your Kid To Have


You tell your kid all the time that money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s because it’s apparently buried beneath the Earth’s crust. Of the jobs you’re hoping your son or daughter get post college (besides doctor, lawyer, or Shark Tank contestant), geophysicist makes the list of Glassdoor‘s 11 unexpected jobs that pay 100k or above. A lot of the others also involve some STEM background. But if your child has a passion for equity research, they’ll also do just fine (financially-speaking).

According to the methodology, this list (available here) is a random sample of jobs where 60 or more U.S. employees reported a total median annual salary of $100,000 or more. Reservoir engineers made the most overall with a total median pay of $143,000 a year. They’re followed by software engineers who made $139,000. Airline pilots brought home about $134,000 a year (and boy were their arms tired). Dentists made $129,968. And special agents followed with an annual income of $125,000. Seeing how much your kid loves going to the dentist’s office already, good luck trying to convince them to go pro.

Glassdoor also tracked how many openings there were for each position. Because it doesn’t matter how much the gig pays when they’re not hiring. Interestingly, the medical field dominated in this category, with thousands of openings for physicians assistants (who made $100,392 a year), nurse practitioners (who made $101,600 a year), and dentists (who you already know will be a tough sell). STEM jobs on the list had only a few hundred openings at most. And you thought those nerds could do math.

[H/T] Fast Company