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10-Year-Old Boy Charged With Assault for Injuring Classmate During Dodgeball

Many feel the allegations are racially motivated.

WXYZ Detroit

A 10-year-old boy in Canton, Michigan is facing assault charges after a classmate was injured during a dodgeball game. The charges are shocking based on the kids’ ages alone, but many say that racial factors may have been involved, given that the injured student is white and the one being charged is black.

Cameishi Lindley received a call that her son, incoming fifth-grader Bryce Lindley, is being charged with aggravated assault. Back in April, Bryce received a one-day suspension from Ruth Eriksson Elementary, after allegedly injuring his classmate during a dodgeball game.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Lindley told 7 Action News about the call she received from the Wayne County Juvenile Court on July 24. The allegations seem harsh, but the injured child’s mother (who did not release her name) claims that her son’s previous medical condition caused him to sustain a concussion.

The situation becomes more complicated when the boys’ races are taken into account. Film producer Tariq Nasheed shared his opinion about the events on twitter, saying: “Some 10 year olds were playing dodgeball on the playground at school. A white kid got hit with the ball. Then they charged the 10 year old Black child with assault. This is why we should not prioritize any of these border issues, while our kids are racially targeted. #smh.”

“Seems to me the issue should have been taken up with the school. They find anyway to criminalize our black children,” another Twitter user wrote in response to Nasheed’s tweet.

Bryce is set to appear in juvenile court on Aug. 1 and in the meantime, his mother has set up a fundraiser to assist with the family’s legal fees.