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If Your Kid Isn’t College Material, Here Are 10 Degree-Free Careers That Pay Well

You’ve likely asked your kid what they want to be when they grow up, and perhaps even tried to talk them down from an astronaut to a petroleum engineer. But college isn’t for everyone and if it turns out it’s not for your kid, all hope is not lost. The international job search engine Adzuna compiled data from thousands of positions, in order to rank the highest paying ones that don’t require a college degree. It’s something to keep in your back pocket if it comes up — along with all that extra tuition money.

Equities Traders ranked first, making about $94,241 annually (£59,475 for the Brits), which does not technically require a degree in the U.S. or U.K. and is much safer than the next best option — mining construction, which pays $89,146 (£56,260). Comparable salaries reflect similar industries as the top 2, with commodities traders making $83,985 (£53,003), offshore oil-platform workers $78,083 (£49,278), and nuclear energy workers $70,502 (£44,494). That pattern continues somewhat with air traffic controllers bringing home $64,983 (£41,011), HR managers $61,285 (£38,677), hazardous waste managers $58,127 (£36,684), military security $55,687 (£35,144), and finally journalists $49,117 (£30,998). Basically, it’s a matter of choosing between a hazmat suit and a regular one.

Though Adzuna is an international listing, their data focused on the U.K. and these salaries are not completely representative of the job market in the U.S. For instance, CareerCast recently ranked newspaper reporters as the worst jobs of 2016, so your kid might to play it safe and stick to handling nuclear waste instead. After all, if Homer Simpson can do it, anyone can.

[H/T] Business Insider