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12 Pieces Of Good News For Parents That Happened In 2016

This year wasn’t the best. In all honesty, it hit like a haymaker. So, here’s a small sample of good news to pick you up off the ground and dust you off for the new year. Guys, there are artificial wombs that give hope to premature babies! There’s Netflix’s family-vacation-saving download feature! Science even figured out the right amount of sex needed to be happy (totally achievable). Here’s a look back at all the positive that came out of 2016.

rocky-balboa-fist-in-air10-Minute Daily Workouts Can Keep You Trim

Finding time to exercise when you have young kids is a bit of a pipe dream. But, according to 2016 research, your new and improved dad bod doesn’t have to cost more than a minute of your time. A 12-week study found that inactive men who performed 1 minute of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) per 10-minute cycling session had the same health benefits as men who exercised continuously for 45 minutes. Now you just have to find 10 minutes.
— If You’re Working Out For More Than 10 Minutes, You’re Doing It Wrong

Artificial Wombs Bring Hope To Premature Babies

Over the past decade, scientists have been incubating premature baby lambs in what could be the first artificial wombs. Researchers believe this technology could soon be used on humans, specifically ELGANs — extremely low gestational age newborns — who are the preemiest of preemies born before 24 weeks. Currently, about 40,000 to 50,000 infants are born this early in the U.S. every year, and only have a 50 percent chance of survival. Hopefully, these little lambs can help.
— Artificial Wombs Could Help Increase The Survival Rates Of Premature Babies

Even Sex Once A Week Will Keep You Happy

A massive study of 25,000 couples ages 18 to 89 (approximately 2,400 married ones total) found that sex is indeed key to happiness in relationships. Couples who have it are happier than couples who don’t. But, diving deeper into the numbers, the researchers determined that more sex is only better to a point. Couples who got busy 4 times a week didn’t report being any happier than couples who did it once a week. While this might be crushing news to your inner 18-year-old, it probably comes as a relief to the outside you who considers it a victory if he’s still awake at the end of the end of date night.
— The Exact Right Amount Of Sex Is Totally Attainable For Couples With Kids

A New Dyslexia-Friendly Font Released

Dutch graphic designer Christian Boer developed a typeface to make computer fonts easier to read for those who suffer from dyslexia. The typeface, known as Dyslexie, emphasizes the individual differences of letters by bolding the bottoms of letters like “p” and “d”(so they stay right side up), lengthening letters like “h” (so they don’t look like an “n”), and slanting letters like “j” (to set them apart from an “i”). So far it has helped nearly three-quarters of students surveyed read with fewer mistakes, according to independent research.
— This New Typeface Helps Dyslexic Kids See Letters Normally

daniel tiger
Watching Daniel Tiger Is Good For Them

Raising an emotionally intelligent child is as important as raising an intellectually intelligent one. But teaching your kid to cope is easier said than done. A 2016 study however, suggests your kid’s favorite show may be helping with it. They’ve found that exposure to PBS’s Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood can increase EQ in kids. Is television good for kids now? Someone should alert hell about the impending deep freeze.
— Watching Daniel Tiger May Help Your Kid Become More Emotionally Intelligent

Congress Said Airlines Can’t Screw Over Parents As Much

Airlines have always tried to do their part to lighten your load when traveling with a kid — mostly by taking all of your money. They must have pissed off the wrong political parents, because Congress passed a law this year that says airlines can no longer charge you extra to sit next to your infrequent flier. Take that sky crooks!
— Congress Says Airlines Can’t Charge You Extra To Sit With Your Kids

Research Said You Should Have Cocktails With Your Spouse

Or so says a new study from the University of Michigan. It looked at 4,864 married people over the age of 50 who had been with their spouses for an average of 33 years; the majority of whom were still on their first marriage. They found that getting buzzed together plays a big part in a lasting bond. No, this doesn’t give you carte blanche to get hammered all the time. It means that drinking together counts as a bonding activity.
— Study: Married Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Pro Or Anti-Circumcision

To circumcise or not circumcise — that’s the question that has you and your spouse feeling like a bunch of baby penis-obsessed creeps. The debate has been framed around future sexual enjoyment for so long, and uncircumcised guys have been rumored to have more fun. But new research published in the Journal Of Urology suggests that there’s no difference between cut and uncut penises in terms of sensitivity. One less thing your kid can blame on you!
— Good News: Circumcising Your Son Won’t Keep Him From Enjoying Sex Later In Life

peanut allergy patch
A Patch Could Be The End Of Peanut Allergies

In 2015, a groundbreaking study found that early exposure could prevent peanut allergies. A new patch could do just that, which would be even groundbreaking-ier. The Viaskin Peanut Patch delivers a small amount of peanut protein through the skin, allowing a kid’s immune system to train itself to tolerate small doses of the allergen. Developed by DBV Technologies, the product has yet to hit the market and is undergoing a series of clinical trials, but results from the first year are promising.
— New Patch May Help Solve Peanut Allergies In Children

Netflix’s “Offline Mode” Made The Family Road Trip So Much Better

Netflix is unquestionably the king of streaming services — at least when you’re watching it from the comfort of your own couch. When you’re heading up to the lake, or taking a 6-hour flight and want to throw on PAW Patrol or some other proven kid-quieter, Netflix is your nemesis. At least it was. The company’s new offline mode allows you to download content at home and watch it whenever you want. Family trips = changed forever.
— Netflix’s ‘Offline Mode’ Lets You Watch Shows And Movies Without Wi-Fi

Reading Could Make Your Kid Live Longer

From decreasing the risk of dementia to improving brain function and decreasing stress, there are plenty of great reasons you and your kid should read as much as possible. But a 2016 study out of Yale found that reading real actual books might increase how long you and your family live. Which explains why your kid always wants one more bedtime story.
— Reading Won’t Just Make Your Kid Smarter, It Could Help Them Live Longer

This Tortoise Fathered 1,000 Kids

When it comes to animals you want to be compared to in the bedroom, a tortoise is rarely taken as a compliment. But you’ve never met Diego a rare Galapagos hooded tortoise who might be the most virile creature on earth. He’s rare because 50 years ago there were only 14 of them left. He’s virile because he has single handedly (or more likely, another body part-edly) fathered anywhere from 800 to 1,000 baby tortoises. And he’s still going strong at 100 years old.
— Dad Of The Year Might Be A Tortoise Who Kept His Species Alive By Fathering Over 800 Kids