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Worst Sports Fan Ever Brawls While Holding a Toddler

What a jerk.

We live in divisive times. But if we can agree on anything, it’s that tourists who use their iPads to take pictures are infuriating and that, unless a very very specific set of circumstances occur, you should never, ever serve someone a hot knuckle sandwich when your toddler’s around. Capeesh?

Well, last night, after a brawl broke out during a Europa League soccer match between Everton and Olympique Lyonnais, a father was seen throwing a punch not just in the presence of, but while holding, his toddler.

As Business Insider reported, the fight took place after a dispute between players escalated from light shoving into a scrum near a fan barrier. Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes was involved in the incident and video caught a fan, who had a toddler in one arm, allegedly slap, shove, or throw a punch at him. A police report from the match said that an investigation is taking place.

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Whatever the result of the investigation is, however, the lesson remains the same: DON’T THROW PUNCHES WHILE HOLDING YOUR KID. Jesus, do we really need to have this discussion? Sure, tensions rise at sporting events, opposing fans can be as abrasive as 80-grit sandpaper, and the mix of adrenaline and $15 beers is indeed potent. We get it. But keep it together, man. Do a few breathing exercises. Look over at your toddler and make a few fart noises and let their giggles wash over you. Or, here’s an idea, don’t bring your kid — or yourself — to a place if you can’t stay in control. This goes for everything, from trips to the supermarket to soccer matches. Okay? Good talk.