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11. Johnson & Johnson: The Best Places To Work For New Dads In 2016

Johnson & Johnson

It’s all well and good for tech companies to include great parental leave along with their nap rooms and drone-delivered dry cleaning — it’s practically expected. But when a 130-year-old company that employs nearly 130,000 people steps up and gives dads 8 weeks of leave, that sends a signal to traditional employers everywhere.*

  • Headquarters: Brunswick, NJ
  • Number of employees: 127,210
  • Paid Paternity Leave: 8 weeks
  • Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
  • 2015 Rank: New entry

Notable Father-Friendly Policies And Practices

  • In this day and age, subsidized childcare is a perk and on-site childcare is exceptional. Johnson & Johnson doesn’t just have an on-site childcare center — it has 7 of them.
  • The company’s leave policy can be divided up as employees see fit any time during their kid’s first year.
  • The company store sells Johnson & Johnson products for up to 50 percent off retail price, and yes that includes baby shampoo (for the baby) and Tylenol (for you).
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*Johnson & Johnson is an advertiser on Fatherly, which has no bearing on its ranking in the 50 Best. See the report’s methodology here.