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Win Every Dart Gun Fight Until Your Kid Goes To College

It’s too bad these kids already did a school play version of Scarface, because a toy dart gun just came out this month that would have been perfect for a tiny Tony Montana. To paraphrase his reaction upon finding the Colossal Blitz under his Christmas tree, “Say hello to the baddest Nerf gun ever … that’s not made by Nerf.”

That’s right. This fully automatic, battery-powered behemoth that can fire 72 rounds from its dual flywheel drums in just 15 seconds without reloading and stick targets up to 70 feet away is the jewel of Mattel’s BOOMco blaster arsenal. BOOMco’s Smart Stick darts are thinner and made of a sturdier material than the foam you grew up with, and equipped with sticky tips that allow your kids to turn their foes into adorable human pincushions. The blaster also can be toggled between full-auto and semi-auto modes so they don’t waste valuable ammo by continuing to fire after their enemies have retreated from the mere sight of this beast, which likely weighs more than some of them do.

At $80 (plus the cost of 6 C-batteries — still not included), it’s not a cheap piece of foam warfare artillery. A small price to pay, though, when you’re a mini kingpin with an empire to defend.