Why I Don’t Want My Daughter To Call Herself A ‘Tomboy’


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“Daddy, I’m a tomboy.” Those words by my daughter unfurled a little red flag in my head.

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“What do you mean?” I asked. I used to subscribe to the concept of a tomboy. Back when I wore shorts and knee high socks to school. The idea that girls and boys should be pigeonholed into a certain groups, defined by society by the clothes they wear or the things they do is absurd. No, it’s downright outrages.

As a father of 3 girls, I hate such concepts. It’s a strong word hate, but such a label creates a mental wall in the minds to those it is applied to. Personally, I believe that those that apply such labels to others (and especially to children) are ignorant. I’d call them lazy, but that would be too kind. And I told my daughter as much.

There is no such thing as boys games and girls games, boys sports and girls sports. Girls can do anything and wear anything they want to. They can sit quietly reading a book, or play with dolls, or build forts, or play soccer, or anything. They can be dancers or doctors or entertainers or engineers or pilots or teachers or architects or anything! Labels are a lazy society’s way of dealing with things they can’t understand or handle…. and besides, the only label that should matter is whether you’re a Melbourne Storm supporter or not.

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