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What is Dadvertising?

Dude Turned Dad, Episode 9

An intense start to this week’s “Dude Turned Dad” as Evan reveals that he overslept for work by about two hours. His wife and son have gone out of town, so Evan celebrated by sleeping for 12 hours and being extremely late for work. The video begins with his mad dash to the subway and into work.

Evan then launches into an episode about the concept of “dadvertising.” Dadvertising is a popular new form of advertising aimed specifically at millennial dads. The type of dads who are well-meaning but overwhelmed, who live in apartments and have well-manicured beards. Evan shows some examples from MasterCard, Amazon Echo, and other brands.

He offers his thoughts on dadvertising. He doesn’t hate it. Evan just wishes it was more concentrated on baby products. Men need to know what to buy babies too, but so many baby products are marketed solely to women, under the assumption that only women will be interested and or tasked with buying them.

To prove his point, Evan visits a MamaRoo kick off event and is the only man there. He eats a bunch of mini quiches, rides in a giant mega MamaRoo and generally enjoys himself as the only dude at a baby product event.

Evan concludes that while dadvertising acknowledges the new role that men play in raising children, there is still a long way to go.