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What Can A Motivated Guy Do With $1,000? Pretty Much Win Parenting

The Fatherly Fund, a $1,000 grant for guys with great ideas to support their families and communities who need just a bit of monetary momentum, has been awarded 3 times, so far. With the submission window still open for the fourth Fund, it’s a good time to check in on the previous recipients to see how their projects are going (spoiler: they’re going really, really well).

Check them out, and then check out the current Fund, which is focused on helping parents with cool ideas to make going back to school a little more awesome for their kids. If you have something along those lines, apply now; if you know someone else who does, please share this with them — they might wind up doing something as cool as this …

Ryan Nelson
Project: Wheelchair-Accessible Swing
Nelson, an Alabama-based Army pilot whose 7-year-old daughter has Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy, set out to build something in his backyard that she could access in her wheelchair and the rest of his kids could also play on. The full structure (with a rock-climbing wall, no less) is still under construction, but Mary’s swing is finished and in full … swing.

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John And Anna Thomas
Project: “Kids Care”
Gift Boxes For Homeless Youth
John and Anna applied for and received the Fund grant focused on social impact around the holidays, but it was really their 10-year-old son JJ who conceived of the idea to create gift boxes earmarked for the homeless kids who live in their hometown of Manchester, NH. The successful program has inspired an annual fundraiser at JJ’s school and even corporate support from the likes of McDonalds, to ensure that it will happen every December. As for JJ himself, he’s now balling with Manchester Mayor Ted Gatas.

JJ Thomas Kids Care gift boxes for homeless youthDAVID LANE/UNION LEADER

Scott Greathouse
Project: Backyard Skate Ramp
Like a lot of guys where he lives in Santa Cruz, CA, Greathouse hasn’t let being a father keep him from skateboarding. So, he jumped at the chance to take an old mini ramp off his buddy’s hands, but soon realized it didn’t quite fit in his backyard. His kids wanted the thing as badly as he did, so Greathouse figured out how to expand the section that didn’t fit into a playhouse and turn a potential eyesore into a place for the neighborhood kids to hang out. Construction on that part is ongoing, but so are his kids’ skate sessions.

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