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Watch These Grandparents Totally Master Technology So They Can Talk To Their Grandkids

Grandparents (otherwise known as your parents) can be … trying. They undermine whatever screen time or sugar cereal policies you’re trying like hell to implement, they won’t stop calling you because they can’t get the FaceTime machine to work with the, and their Facebook won’t stop tweeting them.

But, they’re also the only people on the planet who make your kid’s face light up the same way (even more than?) it lights up when your kid sees you. Unconditional love trumps all things, but you know that already because you’re a parent yourself.

So, to all our parents everywhere, Happy Grandparents Day. Now please un-mute your phone.

Happy Grandparents’ DayThis one goes out to all the grandparents owning that Skype game.
Posted by Fatherly on Sunday, September 13, 2015