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Want To See How Your Social Life Has Changed In The Last 10 Years? Ask Yelp

If you’ve settled down and had a kid in the last 10 years, how you shop, where you eat and how you spend your free time has probably changed as well. Some of these changes might be subtle and you may not even be aware of them, but you know who is? Yelp. The company’s new Trends tool, launched as part of its 10th anniversary celebration, visualizes keyword frequency from 5 categories in 98 cities. Now you can see how your shifting social priorities – say, your fondness for dive bars versus your need for kid-friendly restaurants – tracks with the rest of the city where you live. One thing Trends can’t track is whether you’ll find all this fascinating or depressing.

San Francisco

Sex Toys vs. Maternity Clothes

New York

Dive Bars vs. Kid-Friendly

Los Angeles

Pediatricians vs. Cosmetic Surgeons


Playgrounds vs. Golf Courses


Couples vs. Singles vs. Kids

Las Vegas

Strip Clubs vs. Kid-Friendly