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CNN’s Van Jones on ‘Black Panther’ and Talking Politics with Kids

The host of 'The Van Jones Show' stopped by 'The Fatherly Podcast.'

The newest episode of The Fatherly Podcast is here, featuring commentator, author, and host of CNN’s The Van Jones Show, Van Jones. On Election Night 2016, millions of Americans watched Van’s coverage of Donald Trump’s sweeping electoral win, and how he transformed his disbelief into resolve on-air at a late hour when many commentators were still at a loss for words.

Van made waves after calling the victory a racist “whitelash,” but he’s been engaged in social justice and race issues in America for his entire career. On Episode Five of The Fatherly Podcast’s second season, Van and host Joshua David Stein talk about what lessons political discourse can teach us about raising kids, how the left can learn from its mistakes, Black Panther, and more.

Afterward, Fatherly science editor Josh Krisch stops by to talk about how to teach trauma to children without traumatizing them. Researchers tend to agree that kids can’t contextualize tragedies earlier than 4th grade, so how can parents bring up and explain big, bad things that happen in the world?

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