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Cool Dad Job: Brooklyn Borough President 

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Running for mayor???

Eric Adams has been a New Yorker his whole life. Born in Brownsville and raised in Queens, Adams attended City University and the NYC Police Academy. He went on to spend 22 years with the NYPD, founding an anti-racism advocacy group. Adams, now in his second term as Brooklyn Borough President, has offered his constituents a vision of what a public service can be. During the Covid-19 crisis, he camped in his office and worked around the clock to do anything he could to protect his borough. Now, as Black Lives Matter protests wind through his streets, he’s reacting with thoughtful guidance and continuing to focus on doing the work, which means getting AC units to seniors through the New York City Housing Authority, not jousting with straw men, or attempting to use a movement as a photo op. Adams may not be a change agent, but he’s a responsible adult at a time when more of those are needed.