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Cool Dad Job: Comedian, anthropomorphic rat 

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Being the face of cautious optimism in the wake of immeasurable tragedy

Kids know him as Remy, the rodent sous chef from Ratatouille. You know him from that one Star Wars scene in Parks and Recreation that nearly broke the internet. But Patton Oswalt is first and foremost a stand-up comic. Give him a mic and he owns the joint. It’s how he deals with his own demons, and for him in particular, there has been plenty to deal with. Three years ago, Oswalt was visibly reeling from the unexpected death of his wife, celebrated author Michelle McNamara. Today, he’s upbeat, joyous, cautiously optimistic, all of which he showcased in his May Netflix special I Love Everything. It’s a sweet paean to his second wife, actress Meredith Salenger, and, of course, an ode to what it means to be a dad. “To me, it is about really being shown in a real way what matters and what doesn’t. As you get older that’s so crucial. You’re not wrapped up in old battles or hurts or resentments. This stuff does not matter. You can move on. Being a dad is such a great shortcut to getting to that and getting beyond the stuff that does not matter,” he says.