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Cool Dad Jobs: Children’s Author, Pigeon Advocate

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Doodling with dads across America

Children’s Book Author is a strange vocation, but Mo Willems makes it look cool. Sporting a wild, grey-flecked mane, horn-rimmed glasses, and an iconic white beard, Willems plays the part of the kooky artist who never grew up. There’s some truth in that, but Willems is also a big time adult. When the country went on lockdown, Willem invited America to dip a toe into his world, live streaming meandering, strange doodle sessions that offered kids inspiration and parents some much-needed escapism. Sitting at his large wood table in front of colorful drawers filled with art, Willems took his place in history by spinning fantastically weird, heartwarming tales for kids. He became the protagonist of his own story.