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Cool Dad Job: Hype Man for the Real World

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Fielding Jimmy Fallon’s product pitches

Guy Raz is an enthusiastic guy — like, really enthusiastic. He says “wow” a lot and approaches everything with the kind of wonder and curiosity that most of us shed in our early twenties. He’s a fun, goofy dad who does a kids’ podcast called Wow in the World (and sounds not much older than his own two middle school–age sons when he’s hosting it), was the narrator of The Cat in the Hat for a children’s theater, and helped design his neighborhood playground. But Raz is also stupid accomplished. He started out as a reporter at NPR, becoming its youngest bureau chief (Berlin at age 25) and reporting on several wars before becoming an NPR host, transforming every show he worked on. He then co-created two of NPR’s most successful podcasts — TED Radio Hour and How I Built This — and recently launched a new podcast about leadership, Wisdom From the Top. There is nothing Raz touches that doesn’t turn to gold and nothing he can’t get us interested in — and he does it all with a wholesomeness and excitement that makes being contagious fun again.