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Cool Dad Job: Incumbent Lando Calrissian and the man who is Childish Gambino

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Releasing the album 3.15.20

 Donald Glover is somehow both a regular, down-to-Earth-guy, and an incredible untouchable genius. We know Glover is a man like us because in 2018, he readily told reporters that his first response to being cast as Lando Calrissian in Solo was to order a giant pizza and eat the entire thing in one sitting. But, could you also create the hip-hop album 3.15.20, which features a song called “Algorithm,” that both mocks you for liking catchy music, but also is, itself catchy as hell? Is Donald Glover making fun of you? Yes. Is he trying to be your best friend? Probably also yes. I mean, have you watched Atlanta? This is a guy who is impossible not to like. If Glover were a dad friend you actually knew in real life he would be the one who never posted to social media, but when you saw him while you were both picking up your kids at daycare, he would somehow know what you’d been posting to Instagram anyway, and probably say something really nice about it. Glover is a very private celebrity, insomuch as that concept is a contradiction in terms. He and his partner Michelle White have two sons, Legend Glover and Drake Glover, but it’s not like he’s constantly putting them in front of the cameras. He isn’t a performative dad, and in this fact, a lot of us can remember what being a good dad and dude is all about: You have to do your thing, and not worry what other people think.