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Cool Dad Job: Making your favorite movies, Tony Stark’s bodyguard. 

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Bringing Star Wars back from the dead.

Without Favreau, we wouldn’t have Iron Man or, really, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. We wouldn’t have Baby Yoda. Or The Mandalorian. The man is a world-class world builder who was given the keys to the biggest pop culture franchise and recognizes the magnitude of what they unlock. He’s also a hell of a storyteller in general, gifting us the likes of Elf and The Jungle Book. Was The Lion King great? Eh. Not really. But who hits everything out of the park? Favreau, who’s father to a son and two daughters, has one hell of a batting average. And it’s clear from his films, whether it’s the relationship between Mando and Baby Yoda or the delicate bond between Carl Casper and his son in Chef, that Favreau infuses everything he does with the love and perspective of a parent. The combination of being a superhero and a dad is something many of us not-so-secretly want. Jon Favreau has shown us the way.