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Cool Dad Job: Co-founder of Instructables, CEO and Founder of SafeConnect Solar

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Teaching his kids the art of (drone) war. 

Wilhem, the co-founder of Instructables and CEO and founder of SafeConnect Solar takes homeschooling very seriously and book-learning less so. Since the onset of the pandemic he’s worked out a curriculum for his kids that includes building drone tanks, woodworking, and mummifying dead squirrels. A DIY demi-god, Wilhelm is a leader in the do-something-with-your-hands movement and a practicing preacher. But back to the tanks. He bought his kids a drone tank that comes with Scratch and Python programming. It shoots things. “We realized we were basically training our kids to be Chinese drone operators,” he laughs, adding that he made the kids read Ender’s Game then asked them to answer a question: Have I been raised to be a weapon? “I don’t really know,” said his 7-year-old. Spot on. Raising smarter drone operators? That’s the kind of parenting we can all aspire to.