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Cool Dad Job: Space Daddy

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Launching the first manned American spacecraft since 2011 

Elon Musk tweets too much. He violates FCC guidelines. He gets into petty mud-slinging contests. He sometimes fails to deliver and often takes unnecessary risks (Example 1-10: The Tesla plant reopening strategy). And yet… the world would be undeniably less interesting without him. The man has a history of making outrageous claims, but remains exceptional because he’s backed many of them up. Even five years ago his plans for boots on the Martian ground sounded nuts, but lately, it looks like SpaceX might be picking up enough escape velocity to get there. 

Earlier this year, Musk, already a father of five, welcomed a son named X Æ A-Xii with the pop singer Grimes. Laugh all you want. Musk is ridiculous. He is also getting big stuff done. And there’s nothing cooler than that.