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Cool Dad Job: Millennial Buffet

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Taking a victory lap.

The Warriors co-owner has long been a venture capital golden boy, but as the pandemic hit Palihapitiya, whose family fled war-torn Sri Lanka for Canada and later came to America in search of fame and fortune, found his voice. This is not to say Palihapitiya was ever quiet — the man has a reputation for swag — but his screeds against corporate welfare and the government’s determination to prop up companies that had handed over their savings to greedy shareholders went viral for a reason. In short order, Palihapitiya started preaching the gospel of supply chain resiliency and asking the big question: Why can’t the world’s largest economy produce masks or cotton swabs? It’s a question that ought to remain at the center of the national discourse. And Palihapitiya, who quickly locked down with his three kids, will make sure that it does. Is he an activist? No. He’s a billionaire. But, like the father he is, he sees the opportunity in taking care of people.