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Cool Dad Job: Musician.

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Releasing an unexpected anime.

Before Sturgill Simpson made country music cool again, he became the first man in his family not to work in a mine by enlisting in the Navy. When he got out, he got a stable job as a manager of a railroad yard and made music his hobby. But fame had different ideas. His unique take on twang— a far cry from songs about trucks and girls and beer (although there’s some of that as well) — caught the ear of people ready for something new. And Simpson has been just that. He’s poked the country music establishment (busking for tips to donate to the ACLU outside the CMAs) and been an advocate for LGBTQ voices and gun control. In so doing, he’s become something unusual: a beloved outlaw. He’s also risked his career. But rather than going the way of the Dixie Chicks, who were run out of town on a rail in the early 2000s, Simpson has built a bigger platform and used it to speak truth and tackle increasingly idiosyncratic creative projects. His anime film is something to behold. And that’s not an insult.